Support Xane

So, you'd like to support Xane? Thank you! Xane has two shops online that you can purchase products from which will help him a bit:

First is the X Shop on Shapeways, which has 3D model prints based on Magical Mary 1 (still incorrectly named Mary's Magical Adventure there). Some are expensive, but others are smaller and cheaper.

A more affordable option is his RedBubble shop. There's a nice variety of products that you can get Xane's designs on. These are more affordable but can still help Xane financially. Below is a sample of the products you can buy on there:

For those that would like to support Xane monthly, sorry, but Xane does not have a Patreon or similar page up...yet. If you'd like to support Xane that way, please contact Xane and let him know.