Support Xane

Thank you for visiting this page; Xane always appreciates help! He used to mine Monero at PoolMining before cryptocurrency lost a lot of its worth. If you have any Monero you'd like to donate, please send it to wallet address 4522bqvwUF2RBkARVP5hZpWnXaynh4PQEHFy63cBqUTMdB1goag6deuUgUWjCNubdnjmPFNzNZg9AaYq5gRvGP7u7mQDSSe. A more reliable way to support Xane is by purchasing products from Xane's shops, the X Shop on Shapeways or his RedBubble shop.

For those that would like to support Xane monthly, sorry, but Xane does not have a Patreon or similar page up...yet. If you'd like to support Xane that way, please contact Xane and let him know.