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Mary's Magical Adventure is a first person platforming game where you can experience a father and his daughter's attempts to eliminate two evil men that have tried to get rid of him in the past.

See the Xane Wiki for more details.

  • Are you skilled enough? Quickly speed through areas, clearing them of enemies and finding hidden areas! Earn the rewards.
  • Find entrances to the mysterious six Special Stages, which are said to store the powerful Chaos Bridges, should you be quick about it!
  • Four worlds with four levels in each are planned, each with their own boss!

Additionally, to listen to the soundtrack, visit Xane's SoundCloud.


A hallway at sunrise, orange light spreading to the ceiling and floor, fading. An aerial shot of Hell City, with the park, buildings, and beaches visible. The Electric Lounge is close to the viewer. A dark, circular room lit by a bright light above a oversized restaurant cup from Bob's Drinks.

An aerial shot from the upper, rock/hill area looking down at the destroyed area and beach. Hell City at night. Buildings with their lights on, a red light, and a blue object on a rooftop can be seen. A colorful floating area with many coins. Distorted rocks can be seen in the distance.


Mary's Magical Adventure is in its alpha development part, but you can play and try out the game now! If you're on Windows (pre-compiled builds are 32-bit), MacOS, or Ubuntu/a compatible Linux variant, click its logo below to download its compiled executable. Also, don't forget to download the game data below that. Once both are downloaded, extract both to the same directory then run the executable named "Mary's Magical Adventure".

If you're on a variant of Linux that isn't based on Ubuntu or a derivative or just want to compile the source yourself, click the box below, find the source link, then clone/fork the repository or download it as a ZIP, then compile using the instructions found on ZDoom's wiki. Don't forget to move the game data to the compiled app's folder after it compiles!

Info about security warnings

Mary's Magical Adventure is not well-known and doesn't have a security certificate to sign officially-released executable files with. Also, anti-viruses are quick to declare unpopular apps as viruses without second thought, so this section will tell you the possible problems you may encounter when initially getting Mary's Magical Adventure to run.

  • If you're using Norton, it may detect this game as a virus named WS.Reputation1. If it does, tell it to restore the game's executable file, as that is a made-up virus that only exists due to low reputation in the Norton community. This game is not popular, so it will not have a good reputation. Viruses would never be sneaked into this game, which you can verify by uploading the engine files to VirusTotal or a similar website.
  • On Windows, SmartScreen will warn you about the app/program not having a publisher when you first run it. If you're greeted with a dialog that tells you about an "unknown publisher", click "more info" then "Run anyway".
  • If MacOS's Gatekeeper prevents the game from running, temporarily disable it in System Preferences. Apple has made it harder to disable in recent versions, so you may need to look up terminal commands to bypass Gatekeeper. Xane isn't a fan of Apple so he won't do anything specifically for them, such as having the game on the App Store with a developer certificate.
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Windows (XP+)
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Don't forget to download the game data below!
Game Data

Mary's Magical Adventure requires game data to function. Please download the latest version of it below.


For now, until Mary's Magical Adventure gains any traction or interest, the latest game data can be downloaded as it's uploaded. Whenever interest arises, something such as a Patreon campaign may be considered, which will result in supporters getting the latest game data before the publicly-available download here.


Mary's Magical Adventure accepts optional downloads developed by Xane which add or change things in-game! Click/tap the picture beside the mod you want to download.

If a mod doesn't work correctly, re-download the game data and the mods. Make sure the mod is in the same folder as the game data and application, too! It will automatically load any official mods placed in the game directory.

A phone with the word mobile overlaid over it. Its lock screen is visible on its screen.

Mobile Modifications

Changes some text and sounds for more accurate touchscreen control instructions. Go to Options (F4) > Display Options then change the low-end settings to suit your lower-end devices.

A concrete surface with light reflecting off it from the top of the picture. On top of this is text that says Materials.


Adds shiny metal and wood surfaces that reflect nearby lights to the game. This is the way the game is meant to be seen, but since there's no option to disable these in-game, this is a mod. Only use this if you have a modern-enough graphics card that can handle them.

A stylized yellow railing with various diagonal line supports and other shapes under the top rail. It looks very detailed, with unnatural patterns. Half of the visible rail goes behind a transparent swinging door. On top of this is the word Hi-res.

Hi-res Textures

Increases the resolution of textures and weapon sprites. Recommended in most scenarios.