The Links

Xane is on many websites; This list will include any of them Xane finds.


Name Description
Xane's Blog Xane's blog, which includes updates about Magical Mary, The X Site, and other things.
The X Site (Google Sites) Google Sites's version of this website you're looking at. As with all URLs, they may break if Xane changes registrars (and therefore, domains).
A permanent link to this website archive is
Google Sites The X Site The other website version of The X Site, made before this website. Because both of these websites are updated separately, this version of the website may become out of date compared to The X Site itself (
Original My very first attempt at making a "website" using basic HTML. It tried to imitate real websites, but with barely any Javascript, it failed.


Name Description
DeviantArt There isn't much art uploaded here, but Xane is on DeviantArt.
Art Fight Though he didn't compete in 2020's battle due to his mind stopping him (as usual), Xane's on Art Fight with one character, Susan, available to draw if you'd like!
Artbreeder Artbreeder really shows what AI can do, though Xane focuses more on disturbing and creepy imagery. Be aware some pictures here may be scary or bloody.
Deep Dream Generator Artificial Intelligence can do some neat things. Xane uses Deep Dream Generator to make cool styled versions of pictures. You can any that are public on that website.

Social networks

Name Description
VKontakte Xane's rarely-used VK profile. You can find some other songs by Xane here as VK supports music uploading. Magical Mary's music can be found within the game's community here.
𝕏 (@Xane_MMA) Xane's 𝕏 account. Previously, it was just a mirror of his Facebook posts, but now Xane personally writes posts altered to fit 𝕏's character limit. Previously was @Xane_Xanecom. Magical Mary is on 𝕏 as @MagicalMaryGame, consistent with its username on other platforms.

Forum accounts

Name Description
Doomworld Xane is on the Doomworld Forums. He attempted to post about Magical Mary there back when it was called "World of Kirbycraft", but everyone shot it down. He doesn't post there anymore, but still uses his account to like other users' posts. It's unknown if anyone would give Magical Mary a second chance on these forums.
ZDoom Forums As Xane has used ZDoom and GZDoom for years over any other Doom source port family, he's been on their forums since 2015. Due to their more recent attempts to improve their security, he's almost locked out of his account, as he won't know any of the information that they would require to verify who he is.
DigitalMZX Years ago, Xane attempted to develop games using MegaZeux, so he used the DigitalMZX forums to talk to others and to upload his iffy "engines" to the vault. The only game he finished was BamBam's Adventure, an iffy game that mainly used built-in enemies and had big gameplay flaws.
The Bell Tree Xane played Animal Crossing: New Horizons online somwtimes in 2020, so he signed up to these forums to help him trade and talk about the game. He hasn't interacted with the forum since then…


Name Description
YouTube Xane's YouTube channel. Most of Xane's videos are no longer viewable, though some are slowly being made public again.
Redbubble Xane's main way of supporting him. His Redbubble store has designs based on things in Magical Mary's world and his best photographs, with many products to put them on!
Shapeways (The X Shop) Xane has a shop on Shapeways where he sells 3D models, mostly based on items from Magical Mary.
Audius An up-to-date collection of Xane's music, including Magical Mary's soundtrack.
Soundcloud Xane's Soundcloud, the website where all of Xane's used to be uploaded and kept up to date. Due to changes to Soundcloud's plans, Xane no longer has Pro, so songs here are most likely outdated versions. Audius (and even VK) are better options for hearing Xnae's music.
Tinkercad Xane used to use Tinkercad to make 3D models for Magical Mary using the online Autodesk service Tinkercad. Despite it only supporting colors, he managed to make decent models using it, which could then be used for pre-rendered images like first-person weapon sprites. As he has moved on to using Blender for more detailed and higher quality modeling, you may tinker with, download, or even 3D print any of his public models here!
Sketchfab If you only want to take a look at Xane's many 3D models, the best place to do so is at Sketchfab! Here, all of his notable 3D models, from his Tinkercad creations that attempted to push its limits, to his less-limited Blender models, which also showcase his attention to detail (and odd obsession with disposable cups).