Welcome to the Wallpapers section!
If you love Magical Mary and would love to see it on your computer's desktop, these official wallpapers will do just that!
These wallpapers are designed for widescreen computer screens, usually at 4K resolution if possible. (Xane's current laptop doesn't support that resolution, so screenshots are taken at 1080p then upscaled. Renders will be 4K-compatible.)

If you click one, the full-size version will be downloaded. On Windows, open the folder it's downloaded to (usually named Downloads), then right-click the file and choose to set it as your desktop background.

A mainly pink wallpaper, with a flat-shaded Mary near its right side.
Minimal Mary
3840x2160 / 1920x1080
Mary's Imagination
3840x2160 / 1920x1080
Dynamic Desktop Wallpapers

If you're a Windows user, you can use wallpapers that automatically change appearance based on what time it is, letting you view Mary's world's sunsets as the sun sets in real life.

To use these wallpapers:

  • Install WinDynamicDesktop, if it isn't installed, then choose what location it will base the wallpaper's timing on.
  • Click on a wallpaper below to download its .DDW file.
  • Double-click the downloaded file to install it into WinDynamicDesktop, then click the "Apply" button in the program to use it.