Let's Go on an Adventure!

Magical Mary is a first person platforming game where you can experience a father and his daughter's attempts to eliminate two evil men that have tried to get rid of him in the past.

See the Xane Wiki for more details.

  • Run! Battle! Explore! In this game, you'll have to do it all! Save the world from monsters and find hidden areas to get rewards!
  • Find entrances to the mysterious six Special Stages, which are said to store the powerful Chaos Bridges, should you be quick about it!
  • Three (maybe 4?) worlds with four levels in each are planned, each with their own boss and events that could affect other levels!

Additionally, you can listen to the soundtrack on Audius.

 These screenshots are out of date and will be replaced EVENTUALLY. The game looks better now.

A hallway at sunrise, orange light spreading to the ceiling and floor, fading. An aerial shot of (OLD) Hell City, with the park, buildings, and beaches visible. The Electric Lounge is close to the viewer. A dark, circular room lit by a bright light above a oversized restaurant cup from Bob's Drinks.

An aerial shot from the upper, rock/hill area looking down at the destroyed area and beach. Hell City at night. Buildings with their lights on, a red light, and a blue object on a rooftop can be seen. A colorful floating area with many coins. Distorted rocks can be seen in the distance.


This game is in its early alpha development part, but you can play and try out the game now! If you're on Windows (pre-compiled builds are 32-bit), MacOS, or Ubuntu/a compatible Linux variant, click its logo below to download its compiled executable. Also, don't forget to download the game data below that. Once both are downloaded, extract both to the same directory then run the executable, "PlayGame.exe" on Windows and either "MagicalMary" or "gzdoom" on other OSes.

If you're on a variant of Linux that isn't based on Ubuntu or a derivative or just want to compile the source yourself, click the box below, find the source link, then clone/fork the repository or download it as a ZIP, then compile using the instructions found on ZDoom's wiki. Don't forget to move the game data to the compiled app's folder after it compiles!

(Not) frequently-asked questions
My computer says this is a virus / Windows/MacOS is blocking the game!

Magical Mary 1: Redthorn's Family Ransom is not well-known and doesn't have a security certificate to sign officially-released executable files with. Also, anti-viruses are quick to declare unpopular apps as viruses without second thought, so this section will tell you the possible problems you may encounter when initially getting Magical Mary 1: Redthorn's Family Ransom to run.

  • If you're using Norton, it may detect this game as a virus named WS.Reputation1. If it does, tell it to restore the game's executable file, as that is not a real virus, which only exists due to low reputation in the Norton community. Again, this game is not popular, so it will not have a good reputation. Viruses would never be sneaked into this game, which you can verify by uploading the engine files to VirusTotal or a similar website, or viewing the source code, which is mostly identical to GZDoom's source, excluding changes to skydome rendering and MAPINFO definitions.
  • On Windows, SmartScreen will warn you about the app/program not having a publisher when you first run it. If you're greeted with a dialog that tells you about an "unknown publisher", click "more info" then "Run anyway".
  • If MacOS's Gatekeeper prevents the game from running, temporarily disable it in System Preferences. You may need to use Terminal commands just to bypass it on the app file! You may also compile the app yourself using Xcode. It's probably best to just set up Bootcamp and run the Windows version in it, or boot a Linux distro, though.
The game is very slow! (lag or low framerate)

This game, to put it simply, is powered by an engine that isn't meant to display open areas or many objects; It's instead designed to optimally render indoor corridors. Due to that, it most likely will not run well on lower-end computers, phones (through Delta Touch), and virtual machines. Despite efforts to reduce the amount of objects rendered at long distances (trees becoming images, flowers disappearing, etc.), your computer may still struggle to run the game at a good framerate, especially if it's not at least a laptop designed for gaming. (Xane's tests and plays this game on his OMEN by HP laptop.)

Though the performance problems may not go away if any of these are done, please try this:

Press ESC or START (Xbox controller) to open the main menu, then open Options > Performance Settings. In this menu, the following settings should be able to be changed. (For those using the console (tilde/~), the CVars will be shown after each item name. This menu won't exist until after the current refactoring is complete.

Setting CVar Description Explanation
Additive Lines le_addlines Removes additive-rendered transparent lines if set to Hide (1). Some textures, mainly those under lights in dark areas to simulate extra brightness, use a method of transparency that takes more processing to correctly render. The slowdown causd by this becomes worse if multiple additive textures are shown through another.
Block Distant Areas (Big Areas) le_blockvis Adds lowered ceiling sections in certain levels to hide distant level parts until they are approached if on (1). As stated above this table, the game engine powering Magical Mary 1, GZDoom, is not supposed to display areas as vast as some of the levels in this game. Said engine will only stop rendering if a wall goes from the floor to the ceiling without a gap, so this abuses that quirk to force distant areas to become "invisible".
Effect Quality le_effects Controls a lot of things, from how many flowers appear in grassy areas to if certain levels gain reflective ground when raining. This setting, in a way, gives Magical Mary 1 an idea of how powerful your device is. Set this according to what your device is.

If using the console to set this CVar, positive numbers reduce (1) or completely disable (2) most purely-visual effects. Negative numbers enable otherwise avoided effects such as reflective surfaces, with everything turned on if set to -2.

Do not use negative numbers unless your system is at least a "gaming" PC. If your PC runs the game fine at le_effects = 0, you can try -1.
Setting this to 1 or 2 will improve performance in levels that use precipitation.
Draw Distance le_drawdistance Limits how far from the player that levels render. Same as "Block Distant Areas" above, large areas will make it more likely that the game will slow down. Unlike that setting, thi works in all levels, abusing the same engine rendering quirk, only with polyobjects.
Disable 3D Skyboxes le_skyboxoff Displays pre-rendered 2D skybox images instead of a fully-3D skybox model. Certain levels may use a detailed, completely 3D environment for their sky, which moves with the player for a nice parallax effect. These skyboxes may be graphically-intensive, and may make your game lag. For best performance (but worst appearance), it's best to disable them.
Precipitation Distance le_precipdist Maximum distance that the more dense, close raindrops fall within, which also affects less-detailed distant rain. Rain may possibly cause lag on weaker hardware, somehow. Dropping this distance will make it more likely that you will see all of the raindrops, but will also make it easier to "outrun" rain, even easier for snow and cherry blossom petals.
Object Draw Distance r_objdrawdistance A multiplier that determines how far out objects like foliage render. Set this to values lower than 1.0 to shorten it and over that to lenghten it. Decorative objects like flowers and grass are many individual objects, which each run DECORATE code every tic, and trees ae made of multiple tree bark and leaf cluster objects to give them unique appearances that are interactive. Dropping the draw distance of objects may improve performance since there's less obects spawned at any point.

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Don't forget to download the game data below!
Game Data

This game requires game data to function. Please download the latest version of it then extract this to the game's folder. Remember, this is an alpha build, so it is not representive of the final product, which will be released years from now.


For now, until Magical Mary 1: Redthorn's Family Ransom gains any popularity or interest, it will remain completely free to download the latest good version game data. If a Patreon campaign is started, the build downloadable here will always be one upload behind it.



There's no current plans to set up a Patreon campaign for things Xane makes (random videos, AND this game), but if one is created, the free download here will always be at least one step behind the latest, which only patrons would be able to download first.


Magical Mary 1: Redthorn's Family Ransom accepts optional downloads developed by Xane which add or change things in-game! Click/tap the picture beside the mod you want to download.

If a mod doesn't work correctly, re-download the game data and the mods. Make sure the mod is in the same folder as the game data and application, too! It will automatically load any official mods placed in the game directory.

In the past, there were more mods listed here, but they have since been added to the game itself, including the "Materials Mod". If your system can't handle the reflective materials/surfaces or slows down trying to render them, bring down the console with ~ then type this command:

gl_materials 0

Close and restart the game, and all textures will become flat and overly bright, but may improve performance very slightly. Disable dynamic lights to fix the brightness issue, and use the le_ (low-end) CVars/settings to hopefully make the game run faster.

A stylized yellow railing with various diagonal line supports and other shapes under the top rail. It looks very detailed, with unnatural patterns. Half of the visible rail goes behind a transparent swinging door. On top of this is the word Hi-res.

Hi-res Mod

Increases the resolution of first-person weapon sprites. This isn't required to play the game, but if you use a 4K+ resolution display and the smudged weapon sprites bother you, it's recommended to use this, given your device has enough memory.


If you'd like to listen to Magical Mary 1: Redthorn's Family Ransom's soundtrack, it's on Audius and VK. Some songs can also be found on Soundcloud, but it's not recommended compared to Audius, so they are old versions.

Do you like this game and want to get updates or see how far it has come? Magical Mary 1: Redthorn's Family Ransom has pages on other websites to make that easy! (Please remember to only sign up for and use social networks if you are at least a teenager. If you're a kid, please at most only check out the music, or view the YouTube videos.

Magical Mary 1: Redthorn's Family Ransom has pages on three social networks: Facebook, Twitter, and VK! Like, follow, or join one, respectively, and you will see their updates in your feed. Mark as "see first" on Facebook to make it more likely that you'll see game updates first.

There's also a YouTube channel, which you can subscribe to (and ring the bell) to receive notifications about any videos of new content, music, and trailers! It isn't updated often, however. The channel's content is not marked as "made for kids", as the videos are not kid's shows and other applicible content. There isn't any inappropriate content in them, either.