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About Xane

A stylized blue and orange picture of Xane looking at the camera.

Xane is a self-called "computer whiz" who stays up through the night, sometimes making his game, Mary's Magical Adventure.

Xane has compulsive behaviors and other disorders, which sometimes force itches and diziness to start when there's no reason for them.

If you would like to contact Xane, you can email xane@thex.site. Be sure to be polite and not over-spam this address.

About this Website

The X Site is Xane's personal website. When Xane makes something or joins a website, it appears on here.

If old Xane.com is found, it'll be archived here, even if some content has to be removed to fit within GitHub pages' limitations.

To visit older versions, click or tap on their names in this table.

Name Description
The Original Xane.com

Many years ago, I installed a Burger King game CD onto my first Windows 2000 laptop. I found out it used HTML files for the program's menus and decided to learn what <a>, <br>, <img>, and other HTML tags did all by myself.

The result wasn't pretty, with many pages faking things I saw on the internet like forums, game reviews, and even YouTube, all using only the colors blue and orange due to my lack of CSS knowledge.

It can be seen in this video and can be visited here. Please allow audio autoplay there for the intended experience. Autoplay will never be used here on the main website.

Newer Xane.com Versions It's unknown how many additional versions of Xane.com were created, but more gradients were used in their design thanks to Microsoft Word 2007. Also, YouXaneTube reappeared, this time with actual videos! One of the versions can be seen during this part of my Let's Look at the My Book video series. The CSS stylesheet didn't load in the video so none of the "button" links appeared.
Classic Google Sites This website was used for many purposes, file storage in general being a big one. For example, user-stored files were a thing but rarely was used. I also uploaded apps I made using MIT App Inventor like XBrowser, XTTS, and XPaint here. There were pages on unused content in online games, something that should be revived The X Site.