Common tasks

The following tasks are frequently performed when you want to change various display settings on your computer. URREEEE

Choose a desktop background

Specify a desktop picture and pattern to display on your desktop.

Step-by-step procedure

Change the look of individual desktop items or choose a desktop scheme

Choose the colors and fonts for the windows that display information and programs on your screen.

Step-by-step procedure

Specify how many colors are displayed on your monitor

Increase or decrease the number of colors your monitor uses to display items on your screen.

Step-by-step procedure

Change your screen resolution

Increase or decrease the size of your desktop by changing your screen resolution.

Step-by-step procedure

Use multiple monitors to display more information

If you have more than one monitor connected to your computer, you can display more information by dragging open windows to different screens, or resizing information across numerous monitors.

Step-by-step procedure